Kimberly Wyman


Grow LOVE Book

Grow LOVE is a vibrant and whimsical picture book for the whole family. Trek along with over 20 arctic animals as they discover ways to Grow LOVE.

Lifting others around you, embracing differences, and sharing kindness are all characteristics of growing love. This book teaches children to open their hearts and Grow LOVE in unsuspecting ways.

It’s magical and quite fantastical to learn that the more love you give, the more it grows, the more that there is, the more everyone knows.

A perfect book for any little global citizen who is learning about interaction between themselves and others.

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Baby Mommy Book

"You are my baby. I am your mommy." provides gentle messages of love and family that can initiate or extend conversations about your child’s journey to you. This book explores the many questions that run through a woman’s mind about how a child will come into her life, be it in her belly or in her heart.

Countless moments and opportunities are offered for love, connection, bonding and attachment with your child. A perfect book for anyone who is building their family by love, not necessarily biology, and wants to share moments of love and connection with their child. With bright illustrations and powerful words, this book has taken many hopeful moms-to-be from the trying phase into motherhood, helping them keep their faith along the way.

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