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Let’s Grow (more) LOVE with these fun activities >>>

Grow LOVE is a vibrant and whimsical picture book for the whole family. Trek along with over 20 arctic animals as they discover ways to Grow LOVE.

Lifting others around you, embracing differences, and sharing kindness are all characteristics of growing love. This book teaches children to open their hearts and Grow LOVE in unsuspecting ways.

It’s magical and quite fantastical to learn that the more love you give, the more it grows, the more that there is, the more everyone knows. A perfect book for any little global citizen who is learning about interaction between themselves and others.

Words from Readers…

“Grow LOVE is a beautiful and creatively illustrated picture book is an excellent example of a book with a message that could influence a generation! Enchanting arctic animals embrace the message of LOVE, showing how you grow it and share it. ‘When you LOVE a person, it doesn’t take your LOVE from another. It simply multiplies in size, making your LOVE even stronger.’ Grow Love is a must for any child!” Purple Tree Books

"Grow LOVE is a beautiful book with an equally beautiful message that families will love! The colors, characters, and catchy phrases will inspire you and your children to share love and to appreciate each other even more.” Sheri Fink #1 Best Selling Author

“This book is sure to capture your hearts, with its cool wintery color landscape, and delightful depiction of arctic animals. Plus, the book is scattered with interactive pockets to help you *grow* your own love ~ from recipes for delicious shortbread cookies you could bake for a loved one, to a DIY list at the back of the book, of activities to plant the seeds of *love.* The book also includes an educational aspect, encouraging little ones to research arctic animals and explore the arctic tundra biome. A definite must-have for your own home library for any day of the year~ all days of the year are days for love!” MaiStoryBook

“Grow Love is a book blessing! What a perfect gift to give to loved ones. This book spreads the beautiful message of growing love. Once you pass it on, it just keeps growing. Children will love these bright and colorful animal illustrations.” Dream Reader Kids

Grow LOVE Book
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