Kimberly Wyman

Social Good

Social Good

I’ll be honest, I’m not a seasoned social entrepreneur. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over half my life…so I’ve got that part figured out (some days more than others). But, the whole social part is what I’m rolling up my sleeves to learn more about. I’m figuring out day by day what it means for me and my work.

I can tell you that identifying as a social entrepreneur is something that motivates me to do good in every area of my life, every day. I’m inspired by the fact that I can choose to have a business that is purpose driven and does good in all aspects from idea through execution. I’m even more inspired that every single person and organization can make the same choice.

To help me along on my journey, I’ve created a list of guidelines to keep me headed in the right direction. I’m sure this list will evolve…

creative positive messages for global citizens

Create positive messages and resources for young global citizens and families built by love.

partner with social businesses

Partner with other social businesses and entrepreneurs to make a greater positive impact.

ethically sourced

Seek and support ethically sourced products and services.


Support eco-friendly practices: Use soy-based inks and recycled papers, stocks, and boards.

support sustainable businesses

Support sustainable development.

financially support social causes

Contribute financially to organizations that support social causes.


Helping communities and the environment, one tree at a time. Trees for the Future’s mission is simple: To improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. Every book purchased helps support this cause!