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Baby Mommy Book


“You are my baby. I am your mommy” is a vibrantly illustrated picture book. A mother explores many questions about how her child would come into her life and what characteristics that child may have. Without having all the answers and not knowing whether her child would grow in her belly or in her heart, one thing was forever certain: this child was her baby.



A truly unique children’s book

This book speaks to both baby and mommy. It explores many unspoken questions a woman has about her child and offers inspiration to a woman who wants nothing more than to be a mother by confirming the truth that she is already a mother. It also fills a child with warmth knowing that they were loved before the beginning and they are exactly where they’re meant to be.

Target Audience

This book is for any child who is part of a family built by love. It is also for any woman who has experienced excitement and hope, mixed with heartache and challenges, on the long road to becoming a mommy.