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Hey, I’m Kimberly:) I love to string words and pictures together that are both simple and nourishing. I write with the intention of BIGS reading to littles to share moments of love and connection. I’m passionate about kids feeling safe, loved, and connected with the BIGS in their life. I write for families built by love, not necessarily biology.

I crafted my life around the idea of becoming a mom and then built my life around mothering my children. I write, I draw, I snap pics, I create. I love my children fiercely. I lose my cool sometimes. I believe in saying sorry. I create opportunities to continuously connect and reset with children.

As a single, late twenty-something, I wanted to have a family and so I started one. My son was born in Guatemala and my daughter in Ethiopia. I then went on to marry my long time friend and soulmate. More than anything, I love my global family, adoption, thoughtful designs, open spaces, creating almost anything, working with my hands, and homemade whipped cream.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you! xoKimberly